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Sparse Binary Matrices as Efficient Associative Memories

V. Gripon, V. Skachek et M. Rabbat, "Sparse Binary Matrices as Efficient Associative Memories," dans Proceedings of the 52nd Allerton conference, pp. 499--504, octobre 2014.

Associative memories are widely used devices which can be viewed as universal error-correcting decoders. Employing error-correcting code principles in these devices has allowed to greatly enhance their performance. In this paper we reintroduce a neural-based model using the formalism of linear algebra and extend its functionality, originally limited to erasure retrieval, to handle approximate inputs. In order to perform the retrieval, we use an iterative algorithm that provably converges. We then analyze the performance of the associative memory under the assumption of connection independence. We supportour theoretical results with numerical simulations.

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