Index of values

add [Sam]
Sam.add sam motive adds message motive to the sam described by sam.
alphabet [Sam]
Sam.alphabet sam i returns the list of all used characters at position i in sam.
average_iterations [Sam]
Sam.average_iterations sam returns the average number of iterations during the previously retrievals realized on sam.

create [Sam]
Sam.create n creates an associative memory working on n characters.

density [Sam]
Sam.density sam returns the density of sam considering only used characters.

max_iterations [Sam]
Sam.max_iterations sam returns the maximum number of iteration observed for a single retrieval previously realized on sam.

retrieve [Sam]
Sam.retrieve sam some_motive considers None values as characters to be retrieved.
retrieve_from_lists [Sam]
Sam.retrieve_from_lists ?iterations sam listed_motives takes an array of lists of characters as argument, which contains the possibilities at each position.
retrieve_unique [Sam]
Sam.retrieve_unique sam some_motive is the same as Sam.retrieve but it gives as a result the unique retrieved pattern.

size [Sam]
Sam.size sam returns the number of characters in messages in sam.