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Petite mathématique du cerveau

C. Berrou and V. Gripon, "Petite mathématique du cerveau," Odile Jacob, September 2012.

We know much about the neuron, the fundamental brain component. But we know almost nothing about mental information. On what kind of support does the brain memorize known faces, poems or phone numbers? How does it return those? Neurobiologists and neuroanatomists are unable to clarify those purely informational questions. If it is necessary to understand the neuron functioning principles, it seems not to be sufficient in order to answer the speculative question of mental information. Other concepts, coming from scientific domains foreign to biology such as information theory and redundant coding, may help finding adequate answers. This work brings a first concrete idea, mathematically justified and biologically plausible, on the way the neural network sets and retrieve its knowledge items. This novel theory mixes neurons and graphs, error correcting codes and cortical columns, stationnary messages and sequences and finally neural cliques and tournaments. Development prospects offered by this theory and by the fully digital brain memory model are many and promising, in neuroscience as well as in artificial intelligence.

This book is currently only available in french.

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